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Our home education resources are focused in providing connection with nature, family connection, and living literature.
Our materials are created to be sustainable, inclusive, and neuro-diversity affirming.

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The Forest is Expanding By 6 New Books!

 – Reading Comprehension Story Book
– Alphabet Art Book
– Recipe Book
– Practice Reading Book
– Handwriting Practice Book
– Undated Homeschool Planner

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Alphabet Forest

Acorn to Oak’s Alphabet Forest is an Early Learning Curriculum that brings education to the child’s whole being. Each letter is experienced through music, poetry, art, yoga, nature crafts, guided nature walks, finger plays and recipes. Alphabet Forest also includes a phonics and letter building program which teaches reading and writing in a way that is intuitive and child led.

Alphabet Forest

If your child has not yet mastered their letter sounds, writing, sound blending, digraphs, sight words, vowel sounds and phonetic rules, you child is ready for Alphabet Forest! This curriculum can be started as early as 2 years old, and can be used until your child starts taking the beginning steps into reading!

Kinder Forest

If your child has mastered their letter sounds, can read CVC words, can copy letters, can recognize long and short vowels and is showing reading readiness, your child is ready for Kinder Forest! Kinder Forest is targeted for ages 5-8. This range depends largely on the child and family. This curriculum can be used and reused for more than one year. 

Kinder Forest

Acorn to Oak’s Kinder Forest is the sequel to Alphabet Forest. Each nature lesson is experienced through poetry, art, whole body movements, nature crafts, fine motor activities, finger plays, math lessons, social studies, science experiments and recipes.

Pocket Forest

Pocket Forest is the card game with a purpose! Learning objectives become Quests. Complete Quests to collect cards. Learn real facts about nature, plants and animals along the way. Build a deck with the cards you collect. Use your deck to compete with friends!

Digital Knitting and Handwork Courses Coming Soon!


What families have to say
We have loved incorporating Alphabet Forest to our home. I love how this curriculum highlights each letter. It uses a book + song list, poems, recipes, crafts, writing, and discovery basket inspiration. It really brings the alphabet to life and it’s perfect for families with multiple age groups. This year we are using Alphabet Forest for letter recognition. Next year, we will work on building off our skills and cvc words. Highly recommend the curriculum!



I love the Waldorf elements of this curriculum, such as the letter drawings, recipes and finger plays. We are really enjoying Alphabet Forest.


Alphabet Forest has brought such meaningful fun to our learning time! My two children adore the finger plays, songs, and crafts for each lesson, but particularly the letter morning baskets! I love the minimal prep and intentional lessons, as well as the whole child approach it takes. I was glad to see that the guide incorporates movement and pairs fine motor skills with early literacy practice, too. It is exactly what I was looking for in an early curriculum. My only regret is that we didn’t begin sooner!

Brit Smith


Beautifully curated. My toddler and I are loving it so far. It is meant for a little bit older child, but we are skipping/tweaking parts that my child is not ready for. The author curated playlists of songs and books which makes it so simple to put together activities for the week. It’s filled with recipes, poems, movements, drawing prompts etc. Most of the activities are easy to make with things you probably have around the house or outside. We look forward to diving deeper in it once my child is older.

Beautiful whimsical and gentle introduction to young learners. I love the nature tie in and the included book list to accompany each letter. This guides saves me time from having to look up activities and books for each letter.

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