Pocket Forest


Pocket Forest is the card game with a purpose! Complete Quests to collect cards. Learn real facts about nature, plants and animals along the way. Build a deck with the cards you collect. Use your deck to compete with friends!

Complete Real Life Quests to Collect Acorns

Quests are learning objectives such as “Illustrate a story,” “Memorize a poem,” or “Find 5 spirals in nature.” When you complete a Quest, you earn the amount of Acorns picture on the back of the card.

Trade Acorns for Cards

Build a deck of Animals, Elements and Support Cards and play against your friends!

A Forest in your Pocket! Pocket Forest contains enough Elemental Cards, Support Cards and Animal Cards to build 2 competing Decks. In total, Pocket Forest contains 126 cards! Quest Decks correspond with the learning objectives in Alphabet Forest of Kinder Forest. Pocket Forest can also be played independently if you do not own the curriculum. There will be Deck expansions in the future, so check back often for new releases to the game.

Animal Cards

Animals have Life Points and Attack Points. When an opponent attacks, subtract the Attack Points from your Life Points. Whoever knocks out 3 Animals first wins the game. Pocket Forest comes with 18 different Aniamals and 3 copies of each card.

Support Cards

Plants and Fungi support your Animal cards. Keep a balance of both to create a well-rounded Deck. Pocket Forest comes with 13 different Plants and Fungi and at least 2 copies of each card.

Elemental Cards

Attacks require Elemental cards. Each Animal is associated with a different Element; Air, Earth, Water, or Fire. Which Elements will you choose for your Deck?

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