Collect Cards, Build Your Deck

Complete Real-Life Quests to Collect Acorns

Quests are learning objectives such as “Illustrate a story,” “Memorize a poem,” or “Find 5 spirals in nature.” When you complete a Quest, you earn the amount of Acorns picture on the back of the card.

Trade Acorns for Cards

Build a deck of Animals, Elements and Support Cards and play against your friends!

Deck Building

There are 4 types of cards in Pocket Forest; Quest cards, Animal cards, Support cards, and Elemental cards. 


Animals have Life Points and Attack Points. When an opponent attacks, subtract the Attack Points from your Life Points. Whoever knocks out 3 Animals first wins the game. Pocket Forest comes with 18 different Aniamals and 3 copies of each card.


Plants and Fungi support your Animal cards. Keep a balance of both to create a well-rounded Deck. Pocket Forest comes with 13 different Plants and Fungi and at least 2 copies of each card.


Attacks require Elemental cards. Each Animal is associated with a different Element; Air, Earth, Water, or Fire. 

Example Decks

Fox Deck

Red Fox x3
Red Squirrel x2
Mongoose x3
Eastern Chipmunk x2

Fire Elemental x10
Earth Elemental x8

Wild Blueberry x3
Fly Agaric x2
Porcini x2
Reshi x2
Bracken Fern x2
Acorns x3

Butterfly Deck

Apple Snail x3
Monarch Caterpillar x3
Monarch Chrysalis x2
Monarch Butterfly x2

Earth Elemental x10
Water Elemental x8

Wild Blueberry x2
Fly Agaric x2
Black Oak 
Stinging Nettle x2

Tree Deck

Raccoon x3
Barn Owl x3
Woodpecker x2
Red Squirrel x2

Air Elemental x10
Earth Elemental x8

Black Oak x2
White Oak x2
Pinecone x2
Acorns x4
Gooseberry x2


Amphibian Deck

Axolotyl x3
Common Toad Tadpole x3
Common Toad x3
Apple Snail x3

Water Elemental x10

Bracken Fern x2
Wild Blueberry x3
Pinecone x2
White Oak x2 
Acorns x2
Hawthorne x2
Gooseberry x2
Porcini x2 

How To Play

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Before starting the game, place 3 “Earn” cards face down. When you defeat your opponents Animal, place one Earn card in your Hand. Earn all of your cards to win!


  1. Draw a card.

  2. Put Animals from Hand onto Bench. Upgrade Animal Stage. Attach 1 Elemental to Animal card in play. Play 1 Support card.

  3. Attack. Subtract Attack Points from Life Points. If Animal reaches 0 LP, discard. The opponent wins an Earn card.


  1. If there are no cards left in your Deck, the opponent wins.

  2. If a Player completes all of their Earn cards by knocking out 3 Animals, they win!

  3. If there are no remaining Animals in the Bench or in Play, the opponent wins.


Pocket Forest can be enjoyed by anyone! Some Quest cards may be targeted for a yonger audience, but plenty of them can be enjoyed by children of all ages. The combat game may be best suited for children 6+, but younger children can enjoy completing Quests and collecting cards. 

Pocket Forest includes enough cards to play with 2 players! Expansion packs will be available in the future. 

Pocket Forest comes with 162 cards, 2 play mats, a rule book and punch out acorns.

Pocket Forest is printed and distributed by The Game Crafter. The Game Crafter is a print on demand board game publisher. Games printed by The Game Crafter are made in USA. 

Yes! Pocket Forest involves math skills such as addition and subtraction. Players need to calulate Life points when an Animal is attacked or healed. Pocket Forest also requires strategic thinking and decision-making. Players build their deck, plan their moves, and predict their opponent’s turn. This helps develop critical thinking and strategic planning skills. Pocket Forest reinforces reading and language skills. Each Animal card includes characteristics, facts, and the scientific name of the Animal. 

Nope! While they do reinforce eachother, they can also be used indepently. 


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