What age can I start?

You can start at any age! Children of every age can benefit from a language rich environment. You may already do finger plays with your baby such as “The Itsy Bisy Spider.” Alphabet Forest will give you many more finger plays to preform with your baby or child. Alphabet Forest is meant to be used for more than one year and by siblings of different ages.

Which is right for my child? Alphabet Forest or Kinder Forest?

If your child is consistently reading CVC words by sounding them out, and can identify more than 30 sight words, they may be ready for Kinder Forest! If they are not at this point yet, they are ready for Alphabet Forest!

Is this a digital or physical product?

The listing and title will indicate if the product is digital or physical. Alphabet Forest and Kinder Forest can be purchased as either a PDF or a paperback book.

What is your return policy?

Unfortunately due to the nature of our products we cannot accept returns. If you have an issue with your order, please reach out.

What materials will I need?

Alphabet Forest and Kinder Forest need very little materials, and many can be found in nature or your recycling bin. The books mentioned can be found at your local library. The lessons are flexible. You do not need every book, they are only suggestions.

Is Acorn to Oak secular or faith-based?

Acorn to Oak is secular and inclusive to all faiths.

Is Kinder Forest a Kindergarten Curriculum?

While Kinder Forest can be used in Kindergarten, it may also be used in 1st and even 2nd grade.

How long does shipping take for the books?

The books typically have a shipping time of 10-14 days. If you require expedited shipping, please reach out. Every book is custom printed for each customer. Books are printed and shipped ethically and domestically. We are thank you for your patience and for shopping small.

Can I use this curriculum with my child that is neurodivergent?

Alphabet Forest and Kinder Forest is specifically created with children with neurodivergencies or physical disabilities in mind! Our programs are worksheet free, adaptable and flexible.

I ordered the old version of Alphabet Forest last year. Can I get a discount on the second edition?

Email me the receipt or any other proof of purchase for the first edition of Alphabet Forest and I will email you the PDF of the second edition for free! Unfortunately, this excludes past Amazon purchases.

If I purchase the physical book, can I get the PDF at a discount?

You can receive the PDF for free if you purchase the physical copy! Send me an email to request it after purchase.

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